A street in Clarian City, capitol of Claria. (Concept artwork for Clarian City from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Claria, also known as the Clarian Empire, is the strongest mortal superpower in Rollenia.

Founded at the beginning of the Second Generation by Violet Rose Claius and King Denueia Clarius, the new empire quickly became the second strongest mortal super power in the realm, and would soon become the strongest after the downfall of the Vendeian Alliance.

History and ConflictsEdit

After is was founded, the Clarian Empire quickly adopted the name "The Imperial Alliance" (The rich culture of Claria much resembles the empires of medeival Europe on Earth).

The Vendeian Alliance to the east, which at the time was the strongest mortal superpower in Rollenia, had already been around since the beginning of the First Generation. The citizens of the Vendeian Alliance were quite worried when they heard of the uprising Clarian Empire and its power, but as soon as the rumors started about the First Rollenian War which was initiated by the Goddess Lillian, the two superpowers quickly formed an alliance.

To this day Claria has survived 8 generations and has been through countless wars.



A Clarian City Patrol Officer on Main Street. (concept artwork for the soldier from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

The Clarian Army is known currently as the largest mortal army in all of Rollenia. In terms of numbers, the Clarian Army places third in all of Rollenia even when taking the armies of the immortals into account.

Concept artwork (from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) of the standard armor of a modern Clarian Patrol Officer is shown in the picture to the right.

Generations of SoldiersEdit

Royal FamilyEdit

Listed below are the members of the Clarian Royal Family:

King Clarius I

Violet Rose

Tulip Clarius

Violet Sue Clarius

Ferotyus Vendeia (Clarius)

Yhujn Clarius

Marie Yearman (Clarius)

Daniel Clarius

Violet Iris Clarius

Violet Petunia Clarius

Jaeger Balin (Clarius)

Prince Leon Clarius

Family TreeEdit

Clarian Family Timeline

The Clarius Family Tree, showing the Clarian Family from Generation 2, to the current Generation 10.