Emperor Huaria Rollenium

Emperor Huaria Rollenium sitting on his throne in the Center Garden during the Tenth Generation. (Concept artwork of Rollenium from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Rollenium (Emperor Rollenium, Huaria Rollenium, Renlu Rollenium) is the surpreme god and creator of the realm that is Rollenia. Born from himself, Rollenium always is and always has been. His realm and his five goddess children are the ultimate products of his power. They are perfect in every way.


Rollenium has been alive since the beginning of the beginning. His realm, Rollenia, is known to live many generations. History and Mythology tells of each new generation beginning with Rollenium taking on a new first name and appearance. The only two known names that have survived through each generation without disapearing are Renlu Rollenium and Huaria Rollenium.

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Emperor Rollenium as he appeared during the Fourth Generation. (Concept artwork of Rollenium from Soul Calibur 5)


Rollenium has five godess children:

Katherine Newday

Lillian <Last Name Omitted>

Lenora IJ HU

Freyanu <Last Name Unknown>

Auorel Renata

Although she is considered by historians and the religious as one of Rollenium's goddess children, there is no actual evidence that proves Katherine Newday is one of them. It is commonly speculated among certain theorists that Katherine Newday is not one of the godesss children at all, but rather the equivalent of Rollenium himself.

Prophecy: Calamity of the New DayEdit

Ancient and secret groups of the numerous realms of Rollenia foretell the coming of "Calamity of the New Day", a prophecy passed down since Generation Zero in Rollenian history. The story of the Calamity of the New Day tells of a day at the end of Rollenia where the supposed "True Heir of Rollenium", who is the next god of Rollenia, will appear at the Center Garden (Rollenia Palace) starting a new era of Generations. However, due to unknown reasons, the prophecy also tells of Katherine Newday taking Emperor Rollenium's place, becoming Auorel Rollenyur (God and Creator of Rollenia) which starts the Ultimate Rollenian War. This prophecy has been proclaimed false by the preists of The Rollenian Court, and the preists of the Clarian Court to the west.

Ancient texts and stories tell of the Calamity of the New Day also happening during the beginning of Generation Zero, in which Rollenia was born.