Rollenia Oxygen

Oxygen, as it is depicted in human form.

Oxygen is the primary element which makes up air that sustains life in Rollenia, as on Earth. However, unlike oxygen on Earth, the Rollenian Oxygen is very much alive itself.


Many people around Rollenia claim Oxygen can take on a human form. They claim it appears as a woman dressed in blue and gold armor, and a gilded mask. The 'woman' or whatever it is, is truely genderless despite what form it takes. High officials in the Rollenia Government claim this is not a myth, or hallucination.

The woman that Oxygen appears as is not a god, but simply is Oxygen. The form it takes is no more, and no less a simple projection.

Myths... or Reality?Edit

Oxygen is known to take the form of the woman in blue and gold armor with a gilded mask when it confronts someone, wishing to take their life. When 'she' feels someone has abused the air they breath, tried to stop oxygen from generating by destorying plant-life, or just sucked up way too much, Oxygen is known to draw a sword and sheild and depart the person from the living world.


"Look apon me, and know your only true desire"

"You shall breathe no more"

"Your most loved belonging is mine"

"Behold! Before you is the only one you truely rely on!"

"I shall sufficate you!"

"Fight me if you will, for if you succeed, be there no air for man."

The following is written in the Rollenian Bible as a statement from Freyanu, Goddess of Nature: "We all rely on Oxygen. What would happen if Oxygen came after you? You would pretty much have to accept defeat from the start. Sure you could fight back at it, but what happens if you succeed and defeat Oxygen? Your still doomed because now, you have no breathable air. Perhaps you could try to reason with it.....?