Heart of Rollenia

A photo of the Center Garden. The known center or "Heart" of Rollenia. This is the place where Emperor Rollenium and Katherine Newday reside. It is also a place where the gods and godessess gather. (Concept artwork of the Center Garden from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)


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The RealmEdit

Rollenia, the realm created by Emperor Rollenium, is called by its inhabitants "The Realm of Pure Power". Ruled by one surpreme god and creator, and five additional goddesses, Rollenia is considered to be a "realm of perfect balance". The realm equally shows love, purity, tranquility, evil, calamity, war and unique culture. The people describe their life styles in Rollenia as extremely relaxed ones. Never having to worry about the uncertainty of what happens when you die, all Rollenians are very comfortable with their lives. Rollenians know that in many ways they will live an eternity, however the eternity that the people live is not all pleasant. The Rules that apply to Rollenians during their lives in the living world of Rollenia are very different in their afterlives, in which they are moved to the Realm of Renata.

Rollenian Golden Ocean

The Golden Rollenian Ocean outside of the Center Garden. (Concept artwork of the Golden Rollenian Ocean from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

"Rollenia welcomes you, outsider. Come venture inside of our realm for a short while, and see how your life differs from ours."

- Katherine Newday (Generation I, day XV) (words spoken to Lady Lanzle, first traveller to Rollenia from another realm).

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